Theremin-Trampoline: the athletic-musical instrument

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Was it a panda or a dinosaur?

I don’t remember what inflatable animal was it. But my first-and-only encounter with the digestion system of a giant trampoline would never ever be forgotten. It was taken place more than 20 years ago, some kind of carnival in Victoria Park. I was barely able to jump “properly”, not to say standing still. For unknown reasons, all I could “do” was laughing and falling. The exhilaration was so intense… that could not be compared to any other excitement I’ve ever had. I believe such overwhelmed sentiments were not intentionally (or precisely) designed by the inventor. Nonetheless, these effects were apparently caused by the bodily reactions, such as rapid heart-beating, brought about by jumping (another bodily movement). This experience seems to be violating the cause-effect correlation that we commonsensically believe. It is not that “we are happy, therefore we laugh”, but vice versa.

I am never given another chance to immerse within inflatable trampolines, where they are exclusive to young kids.*  This Theremin-trampoline can be interpreted as a deconstruction text to the unspeakable and unrebuiltable childhood experience. If the particular sentiments were caused by accelerated heartbeats and a mystifying atmosphere, in a dissecting manner, jumping on a trampoline plus hearing spooky sound effects are hopefully causes to these causes. The idea of young and old are not mutually exclusive and instead, just as how the sounds are generated, they are different spots falling on a linear scale. Age gives you no limit to access the theremin-trampoline, but weight do. People with weight over 60 Kg will have to wait for the upgrade.**





イベントメニュー/ふわふわ(エア遊具)/ふわふわ スーパーマリオ
image source]




* This sounds absurd. Age is irreversible. Other than “management” (not necessarily safety) concerns, I cannot think of any reason to deprive adults’ right to have fun in a giant trampoline evermore.
** Thanks to the supplier, the trampoline will be suitable for a weight of up to 110 Kg soon.


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